RajaVeda has partnered with Lilavati Devi of Aromabliss to create luxurious, aromatic, therapeutic oils for all three of the RajaBliss Therapies: Abhyanga, Shirodhara and Swedhana.

These custom oils are all organic and handmade in small batches to enhance their therapeutic benefits. Exquisitely formulated, mantra infused according to day and time of each procurement, these are the very finest and most potent oils we have found anywhere.

Blended to balance all three doshas, RajaVeda oils are held to a high clinical standard upholding the principles of the Ayurvedic tradition.

Deeply nourishing and lubricating to the skin, muscles and joints, lymphatic stimulation, mental and emotional stability and clarity, a sense of coming home to the abode of the inner-self are all experienced with the aid of these beautiful oils.

The Oils

RajaVeda Abhyanga Oil

Ayurvedic herbs converge with organic oils to replenish nourishment and hydration to skin, muscles and lymph. Handmade with traditional methods are key to creating a product of such high quality. Richly scented, exotic and earthy, this Abhyanga oil is unparalleled in its action to heal, ground and tonify.

Gallon: $135.00

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RajaVeda RajaDhara Shirodhara Oil

Our Shirodhara oil, redolent with mythic herbs of great stature in the Ayurvedic tradition, washes away stress, depletion, anxiety, emotional fatigue, insomnia and restlessness. The intelligence imbued within this oil elevates inner-wisdom, contentment and peace.

Gallon: $135.00

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RajaVeda Seasonal Swedhana Essential Oil Blend

Carefully selected essential oils are blended to harmonize with the seasons and senses. Lilavati’s blends never cease to elicit deep adoration and devotion. The Swedhana blends are the pies-de-resistance, the icing on the bliss cake, ensuring the most delightful finale to your RajaBliss experience.

1 oz. : $30.00

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Lilavati’s capacity to entice and excite the senses with her blends is simply exquisite!