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RajaVeda is a business to business training company created specifically to serve spas, wellness centers, clinics and retreat centers.

RajaVeda Professional Spa Trainings were conceived by founder Wahneta Trotter and her desire to spread the knowledge and practice of Ayurveda. When she built her successful clinical spa practice rapidly on wildfire word-of-mouth referrals for one treatment in particular, she saw a way to help spas and wellness centers flourish while accomplishing her mission of making Ayurveda accessible to more people worldwide.

how it started

Upon completion of academic studies and clinical internship, Wahneta returned to her home town resort, Sun Valley, Idaho to open a clinical spa practice. Within the first three months of opening, her practice had already reached the growth projected for the first six months. It became clear that the engine of this growth was her ayurvedic offering called Bliss Therapy. Eight years in practice has proven that the Bliss Therapy is by far the most frequently requested treatment. Every client who receives this therapy refers her husband, children, parents and friends for this one remarkable treatment alone.

bliss therapy + spa industry = match made in heaven

The success of Bliss Therapy combined with Wahneta’s desire to spread the knowledge and practice of Ayurveda led her to consider- where the greatest access would be? Her conclusion: the spa and wellness industry. Why? Due to the inherent luxuriousness of these treatments, she knew it would be a match made in heaven. With a well-trained staff, the international spa and wellness center is the perfect venue to experience the beneficial therapeutic practices of Ayurveda. Furthermore, the luxury spa client typically needs the very best and most effective support to address stress-induced imbalances in as efficient and timely manner possible. This is where the RajaBliss Therapy truly shines!

As a spa or wellness center, you do not need a full-service clinical ayurvedic practice to offer some of the most exalted practices of Ayurveda. What you do need is a well trained staff to provide its most healing therapies. Rajaveda Professional Spa Trainings comes to you to educate, train and support you and your staff in your commitment to provide the very best services for your clients while growing your center in prosperous ways.

To explore how RajaVeda trainings can benefit your center and your clients, please contact Wahneta to schedule an appointment.