धम्म धम्म

the awakening

As an erstwhile yogi for the better part of my teens and twenties, I finally had the ‘awakening’ moment in my thirties, while, ironically, under anaesthesia during surgery. Something happened on that operating table that compelled me to get up and get SERIOUS about health, healing, consciousness, to understand the ways, hows and whys of this human form and mind.

I became committed to finding answers to difficult questions: How did I disconnect from my own inner-knowing, trust and guidance? How could emotional stress have been so devastating to my health? What could I have done differently to avoid, what was ultimately, an unnecessary surgery? I would no longer tolerate a life beleaguered by the unfamiliar terrain of compromised health and happiness.


My quest rewarded me with an amazing teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker. As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Rod helped provide answers in the form of methods and practices rooted in ancient wisdom sciences.

The authentic teachings and practices of Yoga and Ayurveda led me to the core of myself, to the understanding of mechanical functions of the body, subtle functions of the mind, experiences of transformed consciousness from yearning to understanding.

The most significant ancient wisdom jewel Yogarupa taught us was Ayurveda. The very first time that word was written on the board, a seed burst open in my heart that grew into a lifelong passion for this rich system of understanding and healing the human mind, body and spirit. Though I didn’t know it and couldn’t name it, Ayurveda was exactly what I was seeking all wrapped up in one luminous body of knowledge.

Ayurveda provides a seamless understanding of, and guidelines for, living the richest, happiest, healthiest life imaginable. Woven into the fabric of daily life, Yoga and Ayurveda sustain the pillars of health and happiness. Ayurveda provided me with the same answers your clients seek as a way out of the stress induced states of fatigue, disharmony and disease.

Just as I ripened enough to receive this teacher, the wellness/spa industry has evolved, expanded and grown as well. As science and spirit based research merges, we are all rapidly learning more about health, healing and wellness. We are all seeking ways of living and ways of healing that support a sustainable state of health and wellness. Ways that are based on authentic wisdom traditions but can also stand up to the rigors of scientific scrutiny and testing.

education and experience

After spending five years under the wings of another great ayurvedic teacher, Vijaya Stern, I embarked on professional clinical training at The California College of Ayurveda. There, I received the highest degrees of certification CAS, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and PKS, Pancha Karma Specialist.

While attending the College I received the great honor to have been selected as one of the only interns in the history of the program to be personally supervised by the director of the college, Dr. Halpern. The work I did in clinical internship with Dr. Halpern was detailed, demanding and ultimately a superior education and professional clinical training. Additionally, I served two years as a Master Teacher for the college’s online learning program.

Fifteen years of teaching yoga, traveling the country for six years as Yogarupa’s teaching assistant, two years of teaching through the College, eight consecutive years of clinical spa success inspired me to create the RajaBliss training program. Thus far, I have trained over thirty women in these therapies and provided trainings at centers and clinics in the U.S. and India. My dedication and commitment to the highest standards of execution and understanding of this system ensures your business, your therapists, and most importantly, your clients with exceptional care with these treatments.

Each client that gets a sweet taste of Ayurveda through the RajaBliss Therapy becomes empowered to lead a more joyful and healthy life. That’s what these therapies do: they give each client an embodied experience of being balanced, at peace and that sense of, ‘I am Home, at last.”

It is my passion to serve Ayurveda as authentically and intelligently as possible. My belief is that we can all participate in a global healing network by providing access to as many people as possible with these therapies. Teaching and sharing this is what compels me to wake up each and everyday. Schedule an exploratory call to learn how this training can benefit your center and your clients.