धम्म धम्म

Ayurveda is a medical tradition dating back over 5,000 years whose philosophy and practices are rooted in a profound understanding of the mind/body/spirit. connection.

While Ayurveda is a vast system, its principles are rooted in a few very practical and accessible principles. Because of this and the global popularity of its sister science, Yoga, Ayurveda is quickly becoming one of the most sought after healing modalities.

Qualified and experienced practitioners of Ayurveda are increasingly busy as people are seeking, not just disease alleviation, but a way of living that supports their whole being.

People are seeking profoundly experiential healing. People are seeking proven forms of holistic, practical, preventative healthcare and holistic medicine. Ayurveda is what they are reaching for...because it works.

Providing Ayurvedic Therapies at your center not only ensures your position in the global growth and love of Ayurveda, but it provides the way ‘in’ for the uninitiated.

The RajaVeda Bliss Therapy ignites a passion for health and wellness in a way your clients have yet to experience. If balance is indeed the true measure of vitality and radiant health, you want to be responsible for giving your client a taste of what that feels like -- because when they experience that, they will keep coming back.

I am passionate about and transfixed by the depth and breadth of the Vedic sciences. I have had the honor to work with hundreds of people in varying stages of disease and undiagnosed conditions that have experienced the complete turnaround they sought. Ayurveda has rewarded them with a restoration of happiness and wellbeing.

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